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Shandong Heli Machinery Co.,Ltd was founded in 2009 ,is a professional manufacturer of roots blower&vacuum pump .We introduced advanced technology,working together with our fully equipped quality control system, 

to ensure the high quality products. And have been awarded the ISO9001 

Certificate, ISO14001Certificate, GB/T28001 Certificate.

In recent years, we spent heavily to introduce import horizontal machining....


Professional manufacturer

Shandong Heli Machinery Co. , Ltd is a professional manufacturer of Roots-type blower enterprise technical force is strong.

The company's leading product is Roots-type supercharger. High quality, low noise, new generation of energy-efficient products.

Exquisite processing

Has the high quality specialized troop and the production technical personnel, has provided the reliable guarantee for the product quality.

Fast delivery

With the strength of the logistics company to establish a long-term stable relations of cooperation, can provide customers with rapid service.

Widely application

The product has reasonable structure, small size, high efficiency, low noise and so on. It has a wide range of applications.

HELI  The service has no end


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Customized design

  • The case of using Roots-type...

    The case of using Roots-type...

    Use the suction and pressure of the Roots-type supercharger to separate the papers that have accumulated for too long.

  • Application of roots blower in an...

    Application of roots blower in an...

    The Roots-type supercharger is used to pump air into the ponds to increase the dissolved oxygen in the water,Promote water purification.

  • Roots blower used in Guangxi sewage...

    Roots blower used in Guangxi sewage...

    It provides sufficient dissolved oxygen for the aerobic bacteria in the water body provides power for stirring the mixed liquid in the aeration tank.


Shandong Heli Machinery Co. , Ltd., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of roots blower&roots vacuum pump from China.We can help you analyze roots blower specifications,select suitable models,prepare for delivery,provide technical assistance or advice.

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